why_02 Our handmade soaps are made of natural and safe ingredients in order to present the best skin care for you. we never use harmful synthetic chemicals, protectives, synthetic dyes or synthetic essences. all our soaps are prepared in small molds and this guarantees the quality of every mold of soaps. our % 100 natural olive oil soaps are handmade and made of edible ingredients. we produce ours soaps with cold process which keeps glycerin and nutritive values of aromatrepeutic oils inside soaps. soaps are poured into wooden molds and they are left to rest for 24-48 hours. we do not any kind of animal product except form ilk and honey. the ingredients which we use in our soaps are olive oil which keeps moisture balance of skin and nourishes skin, coconut oil which provides foam, vegetable oil which provides durability, sodium hyroxide for soapinification, essential oils and essences for aromatherapeutic effect as well as giving odor, herb particles for massage effect, loofah and oath for peeling. we mix every mold by hand, cut and package our soaps by hand. even our packages are handmade. every mold is exposed to duration perod for 40 days therefore they are ready to use when you buy soaps. the luxury of our soaps is that you can use these soaps for your hands, body and hair. our handmade soaps could be a pretty gift for your valuable friends (and the bonus of this gift is that it does not give harm to your loved ones)


why_04 You could ask yourself why you should buy handmade soap instead of buying more soaps with a cheaper price from a market. the commercial soaps which are sold in chain stores are generally full of chemicals and these chemicals not only dry your skin but also they can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. burda cümlenin bağı yok. the reason why they dry your skin is that most companies take out glycerin from soaps and they sell it to be used in lotion production. commercial soaps on market shelves are actually synthetic detergents. while they could be effective for our dishes, they can not be beneficial for our skin. handmade soap is a real soap in püre form. handmade soap does not dry your skin as it kindly cleanses excessive oil and bacteria on your skin. even if commercial soap companies add natural ingredients to their soap formula, the amount is so little that they do not promote difference on your skin. the main purpose of those companies is to attract attention of customers and to give the impression of naturality. when you read content of commercial products, you notice that commercial soaps are made mainly from synthetic ingredients. in a course of time commercial soaps dry your skin or you feel like your skin is not cleansed. natural handmade soap protects moisture balance while it cleanses your skin effectively. you will be amazed by the difference on your skin.